ACTRESS (Commercial & Theatrical) Martial Artist, Weapon, Stunts & Wires

ACTRESS (Commercial & Theatrical) Martial Artist, Weapon, Stunts & Wires

ACTRESS (Commercial & Theatrical) Martial Artist, Weapon, Stunts & Wires ACTRESS (Commercial & Theatrical) Martial Artist, Weapon, Stunts & Wires ACTRESS (Commercial & Theatrical) Martial Artist, Weapon, Stunts & Wires

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Paris Bravo was born 2005 in Orlando, Florida to Tony and Jessica Bravo.  

Paris has one brother Christian and two sisters Johanna and Julianna.  

Paris talents range: Actress, Model, Stunts & falls, Body Double,  Voice Over, Martial Artist, Weapons (Sword, Kamas, Bo, Nun-Chucks and  Board Breaking) MMA/BJJ, Kick Boxing, Parkour, Dancer, Singer and  Instruments (Piano, Cello and Guitar).

Favorite color: Green  Favorite food: Chinese and Italian  Loves to watch football and play at the beach!

Paris noticed that she was mixing up her letters and numbers - trouble  concentrating, always having to be busy and on the go at all times. She  was not doing well in school at first. Her parents thought that there might be something wrong or a learning disability. We also figured on  her out growing these issues as it happens often with children. Because  her older siblings were in Martial Arts at an early age, Paris also followed suit.  It was at this point that Paris began her love of  martial arts at age 5 and started competing at age 6. Paris enjoyed  competing in sparring, forms, weapons and extreme forms over 3 years  across the country. She has won several national grand championships  with her hard work and dedication to her craft. Paris was initially  inspired by her idol Caitlin Dechelle at a tournament on the Grand  Stage. Paris at the age of 6 said: "I want to train hard to be as good  as her". Our family researched and found that Ms. DeCehelle trained  under Mike Chat at XMA World Headquarters in North Hollywood, CA. As a  family we decided to leave Orlando, so Paris could train under the most  innovative instructor in the business. With the knowledge, training and  power that Paris has gained through Martial Arts, Stunts, Acrobatics,  Weapons, and Fight Choreography training with Mr. Chat it has catapulted  Paris into acting, modeling and stunts. But most importantly has  progressively given Paris increased control, concentration and  discipline needed to overcome her learning disability. Paris obtained  her 2nd degree black belt in traditional Tae Kwon Do in 2015.

Paris is a child that has no fear. She sets a goal and accomplishes it.  In a short time Paris has completed several movies, commercials, music videos, movies  and modeling projects. Paris wants to be an ambassador to girls; train  hard, be strong and to follow their dreams. They will come true. Paris  is in the 7 th grade and attends public school in North Hollywood, CA. At  school she has good grades and is in the school orchestra, playing the  cello. Her favorite color is neon green. She has a dog named "Rocky", he  is a brindle Boxer. Paris enjoys going to church and gives back by

Volunteering for Alter Server several times per month. Paris likes to  donate her time to feeding the homeless, donating & delivering toys  to the less fortunate, assisting other students in their training and  performing at Charity Events.

Paris doesn't let ADD/ADHD and slight dyslexia stop her being a leader  among her school mates and community. Paris recently was elected 7th  Grade Vice President. She has started a NO Bully Campaign that she  joined forces with Hyper Bullying Systems - she started a #OneVoice "Can  Make a Difference" Paris can use her platform at school to share with all of her school mates as a resource to them and  their parents. She can also promote on her YouTube Channel, Instagram  and Twitter.


Paris teamed with Diamond Dallas Page of the WWE for an amazing project through to inspire kids like her.

To conquer your challenges and defeat anyone that says you cant. 

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Instagram: @ParisBravoOfficial

Twitter: @BravoParis

Tik-Tok: @paris.bravo

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YouTube: Paris Bravo



Available for Projects

I am available for collaborations, interviews, hosting. demonstrations. charity events , acting, voice over much more.

 Please see my resume' for details of my experience and skill sets. Please contact : AQUA Talent, The Green Room Management or BMRG Public Relations 


Current Projects

BAD Therapy Paris as ZOOEY with Alicia Silverstone, Rob Corddry & Haley Joel Osment. BETWEEN WORLDS: Paris as Young Julie with Nicolas Cage & Franka Potente. Til Death Do Us Part with Director Philipe Von Lathen May 2020.

Paris Bravo - ACTING REEL

Paris Bravo - ACTING REEL

Paris Bravo - ACTION REEL

Paris Bravo - ACTION REEL

Paris Bravo - Talent 4 Epilepsy - CHARITY Event

Paris Bravo - Talent 4 Epilepsy - CHARITY Event

Resume and Demos


Skills/Talents: 2nd Degree Black Belt  in Tae Kwon Do 1st Degree in XMA, Stunt work/doubling, Pratt Falls up to 10’, Tricking, Weapons (Bo/Staff, Kamas. Sword & Nun-Chucks, Kali Sticks)  Cinematic Martial Arts, Aerial, Silks, Contortion, Ballet, Cheer-leading, Jazz, Softball/Athlete, Parkour, Runner, Football, Swimmer, MMA, Kick Boxing, Model, Cello, Guitar, Piano and Gymnastics –Voice Over, Wire work and Marksmanship with .45 & 9 caliber, 

Acting Training: Gray Studios; Actors Training in LA: Howard Metzler, Joey Paul Jensen, Amy Jo Berman, Cheryl Faye Acting Coach,  Michael Philip and Zachary Conneen Acting Coach

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Paris Bravo

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